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Oral Surgery in Naperville, IL

Oral surgery, despite the intimidating title, is a very common remedy to an assortment of dental problems; wisdom tooth extraction and tooth loss are just a couple of the many dental problems that can be fixed with oral surgery. Our skilled and experienced oral surgeons offer the highest quality services to ensure the safe completion of any surgical procedures that may take place. Our oral surgeons work with our team of hygienists, assistants and dentists to make sure your surgery goes as comfortably as possible.

Based on the surgical procedure you require, the recovery period from your oral surgery can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Our experienced oral surgeons will make sure to guide you along the process of your surgery and recovery and will advise you on the proposed treatment plan as well as any details that may entail. Your dentist will also discuss any treatments that require maintenance or follow-up procedures.

If you believe you require oral surgery, or would like a consultation regarding oral surgery, contact our office today!

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