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Chipped Tooth in Naperville, IL

A chipped tooth can be caused by any number of accidents, including sports injuries, glass bottles or some other type of incident. While smaller chips that don’t penetrate the dentine may not be painful, they can still cause issues with chewing food and be a flaw to your otherwise perfect smile. Bigger chips can cause more serious problems with the structural integrity of your tooth and can cause pain and discomfort.

Different sized chips will follow different treatment plans, but chips of all sizes can be treated nonetheless. Simply ask your dentist about your options for repairing your chipped tooth. Smaller chips that only caused superficial damage can often be filed down; in some instances, more than one tooth may require filing in order to make the teeth symmetrical. Bigger chips may require a different treatment plan depending on the severity of the chip and whether a deeper layer of the dentine is exposed. Regardless, repairing a chipped tooth can usually be fixed in a single visit at Archer Dentistry.

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